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Ghost is a complete Augmented Reality solution including a smartphone-powered headset and a suite of apps that is accessible, affordable, and useful.

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Ghost is optimized to work with iPhone X but is also compatible with any iPhone 6s or newer, as well as modern Android devices including Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy. Just launch a Ghost compatible app and slide in your phone.

Optimized for
  • iPhone X
Compatible with
  • iPhone
    6s, 7, 8
  • iPhone Plus
    6s, 7, 8
  • Google Pixel
    Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel XL
    Google Pixel XL 2
  • Samsung Galaxy
    S7, S8, S8+

Apps, Apps, Appsolutely!

A good product is nothing without the right software. That's why Ghost comes with a set of apps that will change the way you consume and interact with digital content.

Ghost OS

Experience macOS in a whole new way! Ghost OS allows users to display any macOS application beyond the display of their computer, and have an unlimited number of interactive windows floating all around them. This is multitasking on steroids!

Ghost Viewer

With Ghost Viewer you can preview any 3D model in your own environment to real scale. With Airdrop you can wirelessly send 3D models to the Ghost Headset from your computer hard drive or your favorite online 3D model library.

Ghost Theatre

Watch 2D and 3D movies, videos, and livestreams on a giant virtual screen while still immersed in your real-life surroundings. With the picture-in-world feature, have your screen follow you around to never miss a second of content.


Various existing VR apps will be compatible to AR with Ghost, including YouTube. You can watch any YouTube video on a virtual screen while still aware of your current surroundings. All you need is a Ghost headset and the official YouTube app.

Mobile VR Apps

Thanks to its VR visor and trigger button, the Ghost headset is compatible with Mobile VR apps on both iOS and Android including the hundreds of Google Cardboard compatible apps.

From AR to VR in a Snap, Literally!

Thanks to its smart design, Ghost can also be used as a Virtual Reality headset. Just snap on the magnetic VR visor and enjoy Mobile VR apps on iOS or Android, including the hundreds of Google Cardboard compatible apps.



The Ghost headset is designed to be comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of time. Its optic system, inspired by Virtual Reality headsets, provides a high resolution image with great color accuracy while maintaining a wide and natural field of view.

Wide FOV
Ghost offers a 70° natural field of view thanks to its circular lenses
Ghost remains comfortable at all times thanks to its foam pad, adjustable strap and nose brige
Inside-Out Tracking
The phone camera remains exposed to enable inside-out tracking powered by ARKit on iOS and ARCore on Android
High Resolution
OLED display up to 538ppi with Pixel XL and Pixel XL 2
Mobile VR
Thanks to its action button and VR inspired design, Ghost is compatible with mobile VR apps
AR and VR
Ghost comes with 2 swappable magnetic lenses to switch from AR to VR

Developers Rejoice!

Building apps for Ghost is a breeze. Since it is powered by your smartphone we can leverage some of the best libraries out there such as ARKit/SceneKit, ARCore, and Google VR. When we start shipping we will provide sample codes to get started with iOS, Android, Unity, and WebXR.

Own Ghost

We are working hard on manufacturing a small batch of developer kits. Register below to get notified when devices become available for sell.

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